Why Become an Enrolled Contractor?

Have you ever had a project derailed or constrained because of financial barriers? Has an owner ever rejected or scaled back your proposal because of a lack of financing to pay for the improvements? PropertyFit can solve those problems.

Become an enrolled contractor to close more deals and grow your business through the power of PropertyFit financing. PropertyFit breaks down your customers’ financial barriers to energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and seismic resiliency projects, providing 100% upfront financing and turning proposals into funded projects.

By partnering with PropertyFit, you can:

  • Avoid delays and help your customers get to “yes” with a dedicated financing solution

  • Offer competitive no-money-down financing that can cover all project costs and is often cash flow positive from day one

  • Become part of the CPACE community, a growing movement that is enabling energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and seismic resiliency improvements across the country

  • Receive technical and sales support from the PropertyFit team

How to Become an Enrolled Contractor

You can gain access to this exciting new financing tool by becoming a PropertyFit enrolled contractor. As an enrolled contractor, PropertyFit can help you:

  • Connect with building owners seeking PropertyFit financing

  • Provide tools for explaining the value of PropertyFit to your customers

  • Support you in PropertyFit financing conversations with the property owner

  • Train your sales team

  • Rapidly approve and finance projects so you can get to work

Contact us to learn more and become an enrolled contractor: