Become an Enrolled Contractor

Have you ever had an energy improvement project derailed or constrained because of financial barriers? Has an owner ever rejected or scaled back your proposal because of a lack of cash to pay for the improvements or bank financing that didn’t meet their investment needs?


Pitch projects to property owners with financing that offered the following benefits:

  • Increased the value and marketability of their building;

  • Eliminated costly maintenance of old, obsolete equipment;

  • Required no out-of-pocket expense;

  • Generated immediate positive cash flow;

  • Required no personal guarantee;

  • Was offered at a fixed rate and fully amortized over the weighted useful life of the improvements being installed; and,

  • Automatically transferred to a new owner upon sale?


Sound too good to be true? Not anymore, PropertyFit’s unique structure does just that. Available for commercial, multifamily (5+) and industrial buildings of all types, this new tool creates opportunities for contractors to grow their business, close more deals and secure larger, more comprehensive jobs. And, property owners no longer have to patch together old equipment that is too expense to replace. With PropertyFit owners can now invest in a single measure or deeper and more comprehensive upgrades to their buildings with no upfront investment and without compromising other capital investment needs. A win-win-win for contractors, owners and the environment.


How to Become an Enrolled Contractor

You can gain access to this exciting new financing tool by becoming a PropertyFit enrolled contractor. As an enrolled contractor, PropertyFit can help you:

  • Connect with building owners seeking CPACE financing

  • Provide tools for explaining the value of CPACE to your customers

  • Support you in CPACE financing conversation with the property owner

  • Train your sales team

  • Rapidly approve and finance projects so you can get to work


To become an enrolled Contractor complete and submit the Contractor Enrollment form. Once enrolled, you will be listed as an eligible contractor on the PropertyFit website and will receive invitations to PropertyFit training and networking events designed to create opportunities for collaboration and referrals between contractors active in this market niche. To learn more about Contractor enrollment see the Contractor section of the PropertyFit Program Guide or contact Amy Nagy at or 503-823-3351.