Which Properties are Eligible

All types of commercial, industrial and multifamily (5+ units) buildings are eligible for PropertyFit, including:


What Measures are Eligible

Eligible improvements must be permanently affixed to the property and meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Lowers the property’s energy consumption
  • Generates renewable energy
  • Enables on-site storage of renewable energy
  • Creates or improves the property’s capacity to charge electric vehicles, or
  • Lowers the property’s water consumption

A few examples include:


See the Technical Standards section of the PropertyFit Program Guide to learn more about the specific technical requirements of the program.

Where is CPACE Available

PropertyFit is available throughout Multnomah County.


How Does CPACE Work

PropertyFit follows a traditional loan process with a few additions that evaluate the scope and impact of the energy improvements. In general, projects will progress through the following steps:



CPACE removes many of the financial barriers that often stall energy efficient and clean energy projects.  Let’s see how CPACE compares to traditional bank financing.