Program Guide

Program Guide

Application Forms

Property Owner

Application - 2.02

Schedule of Mortgages, (Application Addendum - 2.01, Tab 1)

Schedule of Leases, (Application Addendum - 2.01, Tab 2)

Proposed Improvements, (Application Addendum - 2.01, Tab 3)


Contractor Enrollment Form - 2.02

Capital Provider

Capital Provider Application - 2.01

Closing Documents

The following documents are required on each PropertyFit transactions, the original executed documents must be in the Program Administrators possession before the transaction will be authorized for closing and the Benefit Assessment Lien recorded. 


Sample PropertyFit Financing Agreement

In addition to the PropertyFit closing documents, the Property Owners and Capital Providers must enter into a PropertyFit Financing Agreement that details the terms and conditions of the actual financing transaction. Below is a sample of the financing agreements Prosper Portland will use when it is acting as Capital Provider as well as Program Administrator.